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Health Care System

Health Care System


Web application

Smart solution to improve patient outcomes management, care provision and to reduce risks for all patients and members.

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Efficient digitization in the health sector is needed!

The healthcare system needs high accuracy and efficiency to manage and track patients and their demands without any gaps. Data dissemination as a result of a lack of organization is not suitable for a health system.
With Q!nnect AG, we’re specialized in such problems. Our strength lies in connecting different IT landscapes, orchestrating the results, and mapping the requested data via needs-oriented frontends. No needs to transfer manually data into the systems — they’re now transferred via interfaces into needs-driven analysis dashboards or other interfaces.
Besides mapping existing datasets via Q-nnect AG , we can build any desired software solution (e.g. applications, dashboard mapping, list structure) — with the Fast Development Engine and adapt it flexibly to new demands. Doing so, it will not be necessary to always buy new systems, but it will be sufficient to adapt existing individual applications.
In this way, we prevent the IT landscape from becoming something out of your hands and enable a level of digitization that will determine the marketplace in the future - low code!