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Hotel Platform

Hotel Platform


Web application

How easy would it be to have a platform that manages every part of your business? Find out what our vision is for the future of your hotel management!

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Easy as that!

By using an automated system to manage your business you can save time by doing the same things faster and easier!
A digitized platform will allow customers to book from their phone or any other device with our Progressive Web App. It needs no downloading or even updating! A smooth working flow is provided — from customer booking to digital check-in at the hotel. The Progressive App will automatically generate a QR code after check-in which will contain all the information of the reservation and will function as a room key.
From the point of view of the hotel management choosing our solution to automate the entire process of receiving guests and storing all data only bring advantages! Workflows can be shortened and improved considerably. In addition, you get flourishing management of staff tasks - all these steps are well structured and outlined with our digitized platform.
Do you want to analyze, edit and visualize every area of the management structure in individual front ends? No problem at all: the Vayu platform does it for you in combination with our software partner Q-nnect AG . After all, "the customer is king" also applies to us!